Adana SASA

​Our 750-ton capacity LR1750 crawler crane, which is operating on the Adana SASA project, continues its work meticulously with silo assembly.

Gülpınar RES

The Gülpınar Res project is one of the most voluminous projects of the year 2023. This project is being carried out near the Denizgöründü village in Çanakkale province. In our ongoing project, a total of 25 Enercon E160 and 4 Enercon E115 model turbines are being installed. 

Adana Tat Nişasta

Terex CC6800 vincimizle Adana Tat Nişasta Fabrikası'nda 275 ton kazan montajını işini başarıyla tamamladık.

Çerkeş RES

Our team at Çerkeş RES has succesfully completed their task including the transportation of 10 sets and athe assembly of 6 x Enercon E-138 EP3 E2 131 model turbines.

Enercon Yunus Tekstil

Transportation of Enercon E138-E2 blades to Yunus Tekstil Çorlu Site was successfully completed with our new blade trailes which can extend up to 69m.

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