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HSE Policy


 SARILAR acts according to and maintains the below mentioned principles in order to maintain its leadership in Turkey and to become the leader worldwide and to minimize or eliminate the damages which may affect employees, third parties, property and environment during its general activities that include crane rental services, heavy lifting operations, heavy transport, industrial heavy transport, installation, port operations, is committed to the implementation of principles stated
 Taking demands and expectations of our customers into account at each phase of our operations work and aiming for “continuous development”. 
 Making investment in high technology in order to obtain continuous customer satisfaction and to protect the environment and to ensure occupational health and safety. 
 We employ a customer-oriented  approach in which customers are able to deliver their complaints easily; where such complaints are handled objectively, in a fair way, carefully and with confidentiality and assessed in a way not against legal regulations and our company policy; and, necessary improvements and checks are performed continuously to make sure that any such dissatisfaction will not recur; and, transparency is taken as the basis in terms of customer relations and removing all customer dissatisfaction is accepted as the main principle. 
 Making necessary resource planning and operation plans in order to accomplish projects within specified periods and within the budget allocated to them. 
 Giving continuous training, with the awareness that the most important resource is humans, in order to make sure that all employees have same level of awareness. 
 Working in coordination and mutual trust with our suppliers and subcontractor in order to increase our efficiency and to protect against any hazards they and we may face: taking necessary measures, giving continuous training and information and raising awareness in order to prevent any injuries and health problems which may arise from such hazards. 
 Complying with legal regulations, international treaties, decree-laws, by-laws, regulations, circulars, standards in effect and with the specifications provided or demanded by customers. Planning, implementing improving actions in order to eliminate or minimize possible risks by making environmental aspect and risk aspect assessments; taking necessary measures, making risk analysis and making emergency plans and sharing those plans with adjacent companies, legal offices and authorities; assessing our preparedness for emergencies by means of drills and correcting any nonconforming issues detected during drills in order to prevent or minimize risks. 
 Taking necessary measures in order to prevent accidents, occupational diseases and environmental pollution. 
 Assessing the performance of the HSE-Q management systems and improving them continuously; handling the system with a life cycle approach by determining system risks and opportunities. 
 To ensure the participation of all employees in sharing and understanding the HSE -Q responsibility and awareness at all levels. 
 Assessing environmental aspects and OHS hazards and bringing the same under control by determining risks and opportunities; improving our environmental and OHS performance continuously by developing projects concerning issues that pose high OHS risks; managing all changes within our company in terms of OHS and Environmental aspects, as well; sharing our Environment and HSE-Q performance and targets transparently with all our employees and all relevant parties.     
 Taking necessary measures in order to minimize the wastes; opting for and utilizing OHS processes and construction machinery which create the least pollution and thus preventing the occurrence of pollution; not creating hazard, eliminating or diminishing the risk of hazard at its origin, protecting the environment by utilizing hi-tech products; applying recycling methods that contributes to the economy of the country, taking latest technology and developments into consideration while planning and implementing all operations. 
 We undertake to ensure the consumption of natural resources at a minimum; reducing the amount of factors that cause climate change and to protect the ecosystems where we perform operations.